There are many variables involved in the cost of an investigation. The more information you provide regarding the subject, the less that you will pay. For case related to one specific event; such as location of a secret meeting with a lover, we charge a flat fee retainer of 5 hours. If more time is needed then we will contact to see if you allow more time. If you agree then we will charge and hourly rate.

  • Surveillance $109/hr.
    We will never charge mileage if the surveillance is within 45 miles radius from Miami Dade County. Anything above that will we charge .59 cents per mile. There are other expenses; such as tolls and hotels that are charged to the client. Surveillance reports will be charged at $85 per day of surveillance.
  • Address Check $85
  • Employment $85
  • Criminal Records $85
  • Marriage/Divorce $100
  • Comprehensive backgrounds $200
  • Comprehensive Background Check Report $200
    Subject Information
    Potential Subject Photos (If found)
    Possible Criminal Records
    Possible Employers
    Address Summary
    Address Cities History
    Driver’s License Information (Driver’s license # will not be released)
    Professional Affiliations
    Professional Licenses
    Bankruptcy Records
    Current Property
    Past Property Deeds
    Property Foreclosures
    Property Assessments
    Current Vehicle Information (License plate # will not be released)
    Past Vehicle Information
    Global Watch Lists
    US Business Affiliations
    UCC Filings
    US Corporate Affiliations
    Aircraft Records
    Pilot Licenses
    Voter Registrations
    Hunting Permits
    Weapon Permits
    Possible Relatives
    Likely Associates Summary
  • Phone Number and Address Database Search Report $75
    Our Phone Number and Address Search will reveal a possible phone number and address for a person.
  • Address Search Report $85
    Our Reverse Address Search Report will reveal the names of people that reside at an address that you provide.
  • Civil Records Search Report $85
    Our Civil Records Search Report will reveal nationwide judgments, evictions and any other civil court records.
  • Marriage Search Report $100
    Our Marriage Search Report will reveal any nationwide marriages.
  • Criminal Records Search Report $85
    Our Criminal Records Search Report will reveal any nationwide arrests, cases and dispositions (if available). If the dispositions are not available, we may find the information through other means for an additional charge, which we can discuss with you via telephone.
  • Asset Search Report $75
    Our Asset Search Report will reveal any possible properties, vehicles, boats and other assets that the subject might own. This search will not reveal any bank account information.

Vehicle Imaging Fee Schedule.

Passenger Vehicles

  • EDR data imaging $500
  • EDR data imaging – Kia/Hyundai $500
  • EDR data imaging – Subaru/Mitsubishi/Jaguar/Land Rover/Tesla $1,500

Expedited Services, defined as any request and completion of services within:

  • 5 business days (surcharge) 25%
  • 2 business days (surcharge) 50%
  • 1 business day (surcharge) 100%

A surcharge will only be applied at peak times and you will be notified beforehand when applicable.

Vehicle “Black Box” Imaging and Basic Photo Documentation Request

It is the requestors responsibility to ensure we have permission to access the vehicle. If the vehicle is in possession of a 3rd party, please send a letter via fax/e-mail (sample letter) to the entity in possession of the subject vehicle authorizing Solved Investigations to perform services on your behalf.


All services are pay in advance through Paypal, Zelle or major credit cards

Please note that in order to comply with federal regulations, we do NOT provide:

– Access to email accounts
– Telephone records
– Cell phone tracking or interception services
– Bank records
– Any other service involving accessing someone’s personal and protected information.